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We launched to help companies protect their business from loss due to the spread of viral illness. Our newest endeavor is adding a cloud based feature to give businesses the ability to collect and review health questionnaires before guests or patients arrive.

Facility managers will be able to immediately alert staff members of visitors and where health checks are necessary provide an auditable trail of all employees, visitors, patients or guests. We believe technology should help businesses streamline processes and allow them to do more while dealing with smaller staff during trying times and that's why we added the features.

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Rapid Scan thermal imaging and Bio products

Solutions for the ongoing fight against infectious diseases.

Body surface temperature screening — the new normal?

You’ve got fire alarms, burglar alarms, passwords and pins protecting your business, staff and customers. How are you guarding against the threat of infectious diseases?

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We understand the value of a healthy productive business.

Rapid Scan was started to help companies protect their business from loss due to the spread of viral illness. We, like many, have experienced the ripple effect of the simple cold virus and its ability to rapidly spread throughout an office, we gained an understanding and education to how the spread occurs and how it could be simply and efficiently controlled.

With state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology and 99.9% detection accuracy, we stand apart from our competitors and near contact methods. Our concepts of plug & play and a simplified user interface keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront, we understand your time is important to the bottom line as a full healthy productive staff. Combining 25 years industry knowledge, trusted values, and attentive services, Rapid Scan will continue to evolve into an organization focused on successfully growing your future.

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Not sure which solution is best for your business? We’ll assess your goals and challenges and lay out your options so you can make an informed decision on the best protective measures for your staff and customers.

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