It started back in 1991...

The company founders met when they were both living in Las Vegas in 1991 and that's where their friendship started.

Throughout their careers, working from the mail room to the board room, the two remained in contact and best friends. 

Bill remembers discussing starting a business together with Eric several times throughout the past couple decades and yet the timing wasn't right. 

Fast forward to two years ago when they both wanted a change from projects they were working on because they were frustrated their suggestions were falling on deaf ears too many times and only to find out later those very suggestions proved necessary.

They were dissatisfied by numerous manufacturers and distributors of various brands that would sell you an expensive product that was supposed to be ready for market and when they needed help customizing or programming they were left to fend for themselves. 

They both worked on side gigs for many years as integrator's and managed field technicians and installers so they have intimate knowledge of what is required to provide top class products and superior customer service.

They were determined and knew they could build it better and offer what others didn't grasp what was needed and that is where Rapid Scan started. 

Give them the opportunity to earn your business and they won't let you down!