RapidScan is an intuitive thermal biometric camera solution that combines body temperature detection, access control, and facial recognition technology to create an added layer of protection for customers and employees from many contagious viruses.

Thermal imaging technology allows RapidScan Tablet to accurately measure body temperature within +/- 0.3, C.  When combined with virus prevention protocols may lower incidents of virus spread avoiding possible liability, for example, the stomach flu.


  • Three detection modes with alarms: 1) Simple Mode temperature detection, 2) Safe Mode has temperature detect and face mask detect, 3) Security Mode temperature detect, face mask detect and, detect strangers.
  • Automatic body surface temperature detection so no visitor slips through the cracks
  • Non-contact so your staff aren’t put at risk in order to measure the temperatures of every visitor
  • High-precision infrared thermal scanner so you can quickly and accurately measure the temperatures of visitors while they’re moving (without making them stop for assessment) regardless of the room temperature
  • Accurate to within +/- 0.3 C so you can trust the measurements
  • Automatic wide dynamic so the results are still accurate in bright locations


  • A temperature screening accuracy of +/- 0.3 C so you don’t have to worry about false positives or negatives
  • Facial recognition technology with a face database capacity of 50, 000 and a high-temperature alarm feature so you can automate your temperature screening process even if your organization is quite large
  • A facial recognition speed of less than 1 s, a focus distance of 20-59 in and a temperature screening distance of 39 in so you can detect feverish individuals without impeding the flow of traffic into your premises
  • Accurate facial recognition even when people are wearing face masks so there’s no need to require staff and visitors to remove protective equipment in order to measure their temperatures
  • Accurate facial recognition even when people are wearing hats, glasses, makeup or grow a new beard (or shave off an old one) so your biosecurity initiative won’t cramp the style of your staff, customers and visitors
  • Stranger detection capabilities so you can detect unauthorized access to your premises
  • Non-spoofing ability to differentiate between a real person and a photo, video or wax figure so it’s difficult for anyone to fool your temperature screening system
  • Waterproof and dustproof so it can be used at almost any workplace, including outdoors
  • Industrial-class, wide dynamic binocular camera with infrared and LED dual compensation technology so you can identify feverish individuals at night
  • An operating temperature range of 50-114 F so you can identify feverish individuals outdoors and under other challenging conditions
  • Support for cloud, private, LAN and stand-alone deployment so you can develop the temperature screening system that exactly suits your needs
  • Modern and stylish appearance to suit your existing decor


Quick Look


Q: How accurate is the temperature sensor?
A: +/- 0.3 degree Celsius. (+/-0.5 Fahrenheit)

Q: How fast is the temperature detection?
A: 300ms (milliseconds)

Q: What is the scanning distance?
A: Temperature: 0.4 to 0.7 meters. (1‘ to 3’ feet) Facial Recognition: up-to 2 meters (6’ feet).

Q: Can two or more people be scanned at one time?
A: Just 1 person can be scanned at a time.

Q: Can the scanner be used to control a door access system based on a temperature result.
A: Yes, connections are provided to interface with an N/O relay with duration options. Also, Wiegand communication is supported.

Q: Will the scanner detect people of different heights?
A: Yes, a visual alignment tool is present on the LCD screen to assist and confirm detection. Typical installations are set-up to detect heights between 1.4 to 1.9 meters (4’7” and 6’3” feet). The sensor angle can simply be adjusted to accommodate heights greater or lesser. A situation where extreme height variances are typical, we recommend a second scanner be installed.

Q: What if a person enters from an extremely hot or cold temperature?
A: Before scanning, they should be allowed two to three minutes to adjust to the scanner’s environment. An average health human body is remarkable and returns to its baseline temperature relatively fast.

Q: Is a computer required to use this system.
A: A computer is required only for initial set-up and to review images & data but the scanner will operate stand-alone without a computer or network connection.

Q: Can the Temperature Screening software be installed on additional computers?
A: Yes, it can. However, the number of simultaneous users is limited to 5.

Q: Where is the data collected and stored?
A: It’s stored on the scanner and data can be archived to external storage like a PC. 

Q: How does the alert system work when a high temperature is detected?
A: A high temperature alert is shown on the LCD display screen in red with the person’s current temperature along with an audible voice alert by default. The audible alert can be muted and other features activated such as the SMS message feature or the I/O relay set-up to trigger a light or any I/O triggered warning device.

Q Can the scanner be used outdoors?
A: The scanner design is for indoor use but can be used outdoors in a protected environment with a controlled temperature for example a tent or shielded from direct sunlight and the elements. Also, to establish accurate results the scanner must be operated with-in an ambient temperature range of 14 to 35 C (57 to 95 F).

Q: Does the temperature sensor require calibration?
A: No, it’ is calibrated at the factory and will auto-calibrate once deployed and/or whenever a power is cycle is performed.

Q: Will the system detect objects and/or animals?
A: The system is specifically designed for live people detection.

Q: Does the camera have wireless capabilities?
A: Not our Linux model. If you need Wi-Fi capability please look at our Android models. 

Q: Is there data or tests that validate the scanners accuracy?
A: Our accuracy of 0.3 degree Celsius is provided by our sensor manufacturer a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified company. The component which measures temperature is implemented within other medical products in the US and worldwide.

Q: Is this a medical device?
A: No. However, the key component within this device is manufactured by a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified company and this same component is used in many medical devices throughout the world and US. It is the responsibility of the business using the scanner to comply with local, state and federal regulations when using this device and all its features.


8" Access Control Thermal Scan Solution
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